⚠️Error: Multiple Accounts Issue

This error is triggered whenever a function of the script is called by the wrong account. In most cases this error is caused by the use of multiple Google sessions.


Why do I get this error?

When you are connected to a Google Chrome session, Google connects that same account by default to your Google Workspace account. If you have signed up to Dokin with a different Google account, you will see an error message, cause that account is not allowed to connect to the files of the current Google account session.


What should I do to solve this problem?

The problem is linked to the current Google account in use.

You should:

  • Log out from all your Google accounts

  • Login to the Google account that has access to the document you are trying to use Dokin on.

  • Or login with the Google account associated with your Dokin account if it is the one that has access to that document.


As an application built on top of Google Workspace, changes of Google on their infrastructure may impact our product. Though very rare, please understand that issues coming from Google do not depend on our product and may affect our ability to provide a prompt solution. In such rare cases, the best is to close your browser or refresh your tab and try again later.

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