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Push Back Data from Google Sheets to HubSpot

Learn how to efficiently export data from Google Sheets back to HubSpot using Dokin.

Step 1: Connect HubSpot Data Using Dokin

Before you can push data back from Google Sheets to HubSpot, you need to establish a connection between the two platforms.
Follow the tutorial below to learn how to connect HubSpot data using Dokin.

Step 2: Write Data in Your Spreadsheet

Common Warning

Before pushing data to HubSpot, it's essential to understand a few key points:
  • Read-only fields. Some fields in your Google Sheets are read-only, indicated by a grey background. Any data written in these columns will not be updated in HubSpot and will be disregarded.
  • Fields with options: For columns with predefined options, ensure that the data you enter matches one of the available options; otherwise, you may encounter errors.
As of today, it is not possible to push back data from an associated table. For example, if you imported the object "Contact", but also fields from the table "Company", only entries from the object "Contact" will be created or updated.

Case 1: Updating an imported Record

If you wish to update an existing HubSpot record, simply overwrite the data in the corresponding row of your spreadsheet.
Overwrite data to update a record

Case 2: Creating a new Record

To create a new record, simply write data in a new row of your spreadsheet. Leave the column "ID" blank. An ID will be automatically generated when the record is created.
Write data in a new row to create a record

Step 3: Push data back to HubSpot

Once you are satisfied with the data you want to transfer, proceed with the following steps:
  • On the corresponding Connection, click on the refresh icon
  • Click on the menu item "Write Data back to HubSpot CRM"
A preview page will appear. This allows you to preview records that were edited and new records added. You can compare spreadsheet data to data in HubSpot.
Dokin will then perform the following checks:
Case 1: Records Without IDs
If some records in your spreadsheet do not have an ID, Dokin will detect this and ask if you want to create new entries for records without IDs. You can choose to check or uncheck this option based on your preference.
Case 2: Fields That Do Not Match
If any headers in your spreadsheet do not match with HubSpot fields, you will need to select the appropriate HubSpot field that corresponds to the column. Ensure that all fields are correctly mapped for a successful data transfer.
Map each incorrect field name with the corresponding one
By following these steps, you can effortlessly export data from Google Sheets to HubSpot using Dokin, streamlining your workflow and ensuring accurate data integration between these two essential tools.