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Create a complete web performance dashboard which includes your Google Search Console data, using Dokin
Welcome to the world of seamless data management and integration with Dokin. In this guide, we'll show you how to leverage Dokin to track and monitor your Google Search Data data within your Google Sheets. Create powerful and dynamic dashboards and improve your SEO performance.

What can you achieve connecting GSC and Dokin?

Google Search Console (GSC) provides a wealth of data, but extracting, manipulating, and presenting that data can be challenging. Most go-to-market and SEO teams prefer to manage their data visualization and analyses directly in spreadsheets. Not to mention that very often you have to report on such data to clients or other stakeholders.
In Google Sheets:
  • Comprehensive Data Analysis: GSC delivers real-time, actionable insights about user behavior. By connecting it with Google Sheets, you can dive deeper into the data, perform in-depth analysis, and extract valuable insights for your business.
  • Custom Calculations: GSC collects various data types, but sometimes you need to perform custom calculations that the platform alone cannot handle. Google Sheets' data manipulation functions come to the rescue, enabling granular data analysis and customized reporting.
  • Automate Dashboards and Reporting: Manually exporting data from GSC and recreating reports is time-consuming and error-prone. Visualize your GSC data, filter it, establish automatic sync between GSC and your spreadsheets. This means you can work on your data within the familiar Google Sheets environment and ensure that you always have up-to-date data from your databases.

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