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Unlock the Power of PostgreSQL within your Google Workspace using Dokin
Welcome to the world of seamless data management and integration with PostgreSQL and Dokin. In this guide, we'll introduce you to PostgreSQL, a versatile SQL database, and show you how Dokin enhances your SQL experience by simplifying data integration across various platforms.

What is PostgreSQL?

PostgreSQL is an SQL database system that enables to store information about users, payments and more with ease. It utilizes the SQL framework and up until today required the ability to write SQL code in order to filter and visualize data. That's not longer the case, with Dokin it is easier to pull live SQL data, filter it and sync it automatically with Google Sheets, Slides or Docs.

What can you achieve connecting PostgreSQL and Dokin?

The journey begins with connecting your PostgreSQL data to Dokin. Once this connection is established, you gain access to a world of possibilities:
  • In Google Sheets: Visualize your PostgreSQL data, filter it, establish automatic sync refreshes between your SQL base and your spreadsheets. This means you can work on your data within the familiar Google Sheets environment and ensure that you always have up-to-date data from your databases.
  • In Google Slides or Docs:
    • Create always up-to-date files. Enhance your presentations and documents by inserting SQL field values directly. These values are linked to their corresponding entries in PostgreSQL, enabling you to access the source information effortlessly. Any changes in PostgreSQL are automatically reflected in your documents when you refresh them manually or automatically.
    • Perform Mail Merge: Dokin empowers you to create multiple documents, each tailored to an SQL entry, automatically. This saves you valuable time and allows for personalized content generation.

Let's get started!